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American LaFrance



  • Washoe County Commissioners formed the Fire District via NRS.354.624. The locals recommended the name Crystal Bay Fire Protection District, due to confusion with Kings Beach (North Tahoe Fire Protection District). Washoe County Commissioners name it North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District. The District was formed out of area administered by the Nevada Division of Forestry, by a general election.
  • 1st fire station in Crystal Bay (on Reservoir, now owned by the Biltmore).
  • The District consists of Crystal Bay and the lakeshore area only.
  • The 1960s was primarily a volunteer fire agency, which slowly hired career staff.


  • The Fire District annexes the rest of the current District, as development occurs above the Mt. Rose Highway, by the election of the population.


  • Jack Kissinger appointed Fire Chief.


  • 2nd fire station constructed on the corner of Oriole & Tanager, Incline Village (current location Incline Station).


  • Wallace “Pepper” Martin appointed Fire Chief.


  • NLTFPD charter member of North Tahoe Regional Chiefs Association.
  • Insurance Services survey results in a rating of Class 5, property owners receive a reduction in insurance premiums.
  • Firefighter Steve Rose killed during a training drill.


  • Robert Brenner appointed as Fire Marshal.


  • Adoption of 1976 Uniform Fire Code, NLTFPD becomes fires fire agency in Nevada to conduct a plan review of all structures requiring a building permit.


  • Daily career staffing up to 5 per day between two stations.
  • Gerry Adams started the Public Education program with a hand puppet and lots of foresight.
  • MGM Grand Fire in Las Vegas results in comprehensive regulations requiring retrofit of all high-rise structures in Nevada.
  • Rich Dwinell firefighter/engineer organizes a successful fund drive for the first “Jaws of Life” rescue tool. Major support comes from the Republican women’s Club and the Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation.
  • Nugget Casino fire results in one fire fatality.


  • Loren Enstad appointed Fire Chief, Don Morgenson appointed Assistant Fire Chief, Gerald Adams appointed Fire Marshal and Dave Zaski leads Public Education Program. Dave trained at Fire Academy in Maryland.
  • Nevada legislature passes law shifting district funding from property tax to sales tax.
  • The district becomes a charter member of Lake Tahoe Regional Fire chiefs Association, allows the closest resource to respond to any emergency without regard for jurisdictional boundaries.


  • Private ambulance discontinues staffing within district boundaries.
  • Assistant Fire Chief Don Morgenson and Steve Brady M.D. develop temporary ambulance service and transport protocol under district control. community volunteers Frank and JoAnn Payne, Shirley Dale, and many others commit hundreds of hours in support of the fire district establishing paramedic services.
  • District prevails in Property Tax Initiative to fund permanent ambulance service and build Station 3.


  • The tax initiative passed with 80% approval for an advanced life support service (Paramedic) and the addition of another fire station to serve upper subdivisions. With those funds, the 3rd fire station on Mt. Rose was constructed and staffed (currently station #13).
  • Approximately 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Houses 1 structure engine and 1 ambulance.
  • 6 full-time firefighter/paramedics position established to provide ambulance service.
  • District responds to Reno and Carson City to assist in two major simultaneous wildfires, Franktown Road in Washoe Valley and Zolezzi Lane in South Reno.
  • The district becomes a charter member of Sierra Front Interagency Wildfire Cooperators. Membership includes multiple federal, state, county, and local fire agencies.


  • Began offering official Public Education programs to the community.
  • District conforms to National Interagency Management System which subsequently transitions into the Incident Command System which becomes the standard for both the Lake Tahoe Region and the Sierra Front.
  • Legislation passed to require all elections of the Board of directors to be conducted by the County Clerk and Registrar of Voters. Previous to this, all of the district elections were conducted by the district administration.


  • Assessed valuation $365,297,560.
  • Full-time residents 10,000.
  • The district consists of 16 square miles.
  • Started Defensible Space program including Block Party activities to educate homeowners about prescribed burning, led by Fire Marshal Gerry Adams.
  • The Neighbors For Defensible Space homeowner group formed, led by Fire Marshal, Gerry Adams.
  • The district participates in National Wildland Urban interface conference in Montana wherein keynote address features Sierra Front Wildfire cooperators. The takeaway from the conference is a computer program “PC Behave” that forecasts fire behavior.


  • District presentation to the community shows residents how the community is impacted by wildland fire using computer programming.
  • “Neighbors for Defensible Space” is organized; Fire Marshal Adams is assisted by community volunteers Don Kornreich, Doug Clifford, and Fire Ecologist Dr. Bob Sweeney and many others.


  • Mutual Aid agreements arranged. The region was suffering larger wildland fires, and an agreement was made to share resources under the Lake Tahoe Regional Fire Chiefs and the Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators.
  • Partnership with Incline Village General Improvement District results in removing “thousands” of trees from greenbelt areas in the district.
  • Manually created sheltered fuel breaks in high hazard areas.
  • Began public CPR program under Red Cross organization guidelines.
  • Advanced Life Support program – 1st fire district to use external cardiac pacing (part of a pilot project in California and Nevada).
  • Increased staffing to accommodate communities' medical service needs due to the closure of local medical facility, Lakeside Medical Hospital.


  • Insurance Services Office conducts a rating survey resulting in an improvement from Class 5 to Class 3, insurance premiums for property owners are reduced.


  • Created the Fuels Management Team.
  • HazMat Team formed with Placer County – began training and services.


  • The first prescribed fire in greenbelt adjacent to First Creek canyon, burned 10 acres.
  • Became CPR training center for American Heart Association enabling the district to serve as a regional facility for other businesses.
  • 1st District Strategic Plan adopted.


  • Prescribed fire – burned 13 acres.
  • High and Low Angle Rescue Program began.
  • Company Officer certification begins.


  • Lake Tahoe Presidential Forum held at Incline Village, President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore, issued an Executive Order for actions to protect Lake Tahoe.
  • New Crystal Bay fire station constructed (station #12) behind the post office at 14 Cal Neva Drive, Crystal Bay, NV. Traded old station to the Biltmore.
  • Approximately 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Houses 1 structure engine and 1 ambulance, 1 brush engine.
  • Prescribed fire – burned 47 acres.


  • Prescribed fire – burned 57 acres.


  • James Linardos appointed Fire Chief.
  • Fire District website created, www.nltfpd.net.
  • Prescribed fire – burned 68 acres and hand thinned and pile burned 100 acres.
  • Added Water Rescue services, Marine 16 added to rescue fleet. Received free boat from Washoe County Search & Rescue (US Navy surplus).
  • Signed long term contract with IAFF Local 2139 union.
  • Agreement with Washoe County Sheriff to provide rescue services in Lake Tahoe/Mt. Rose area.
  • 100’ ladder truck purchased. Added 1 person to augment staffing.


  • Prescribed fire – burned 8 acres and hand thinned and pile burned 253 acres.
  • ISO (Insurance Services Organization) maintained at a 3. Insurance rates were maintained.
  • Ladder truck (T-11) in service. New squad (S-11) and 2 engines were replaced for a standardized fleet.
  • Training tower purchased for operational training.
  • Hired full-time Public Education/Information Officer to coordinate 20+ public education programs as well as Fuels Management and EMS education programs.
  • New Strategic Plan adopted.


  • Prescribed fire – burned 30 acres and hand thinned and pile burned 340 acres.
  • Martis Fire challenges District from the northwest.


  • Prescribed fire – burned 34 acres and hand thinned and pile burned 380 acres.
  • Began seeking grant monies to fund fuels treatment work and public education programs.


  • An assessed valuation of $1.4 billion.
  • 1500 alarms annually (84% EMS).
  • 60 paid personnel year-round.
  • 20 seasonal hand crew personnel.
  • Prescribed fire – burned 0 acres (due to weather problems) and hand thinned and pile burned 225 acres.
  • HazMat trailer purchased with FEMA grant monies.
  • Mobile Air trailer purchased with FEMA grant monies.


  • Submitted plans to TRPA for new fire station on Tanager (station #11 headquarters currently at 10,000 sq. ft . Today houses 2 structure engines, 1 brush truck, 2 ambulances, 1 squad, 1 mobile air trailer, 3 hand crew buggies and administration vehicles). Plans approved in June.
  • Grant monies secured for fuels and public education programs total over $500,000 and contractual agreements total over $680,000.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NLTFPD and TRPA enables fire district to mark trees and begin a structured Defensible Space Evaluation Program in June. Over 200 homeowners sign up within 1st two months.
  • Board of Directors expanded to 5 members.
  • Downsized administrative staff by combining 2 positions into one.
  • Slide Mountain Handcrew adds 10 members, totaling 30 personnel.


  • Started construction on the new fire station #11
  • Expanded the Board of Directors from 3 to 5 members
  • Finalized new 2006 – 2009 Strategic Plan
  • The district received “System of Cover” analysis to improve emergency services.
  • Upgraded radio system utilizing FEMA (Homeland Security) grant monies to improve interoperability. The new system is 800mGhz and is part of the Washoe County system.
  • Thermal imagers on all fire engines and the ladder truck.
  • Increased Slide Mountain Handcrew members from 30 to 40 personnel.
  • Banner year for hazardous fuels reduction, totaling 660 acres.
  • Continue training with Washoe County Sheriffs Office for Incline Village Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


  •  Installed two radio activated Remote Access Weather Stations (RAWS).
  • The Board of Directors approved two Type III fire engines.
  • Participated in several major wildfire incidents.
  • Moved into new station #11 at 875 Tanager Street and retired old station #11 (now called Incline Station).
  • Held first Flu Shot Clinic in collaboration with Washoe County Health Department.
  • Prescribed fire – burned 75 acres and pile burned 65 acres.


  • Parasol Community Collaboration awarded fire district ‘Outstanding Collaborative Program/Event’ for ‘Living at Tahoe’ series.
  • International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) awarded fire district ‘Honorable Mention’ in Special Publications/brochures for state/regional/national government division.
  • Launched a new website design.
  • Hosted Washoe County Emergency Management multi-agency operations drill ‘Operation Safe Neighborhood’ Evacuation Drill.
  • Responded and provided support for Angora Fire, South Lake Tahoe, CA.
  • Federal directive, Blue Ribbon Commission formed – NLTFPD on the advisory committee with Chief Brown serving on the committee.


  • District participated in Fire  H.I.R.E. from which we hired and placed through an academy three extremely good employees.
  • Actively participated in the Bi-State Blue Ribbon Commission. Both CA and NV Governors adopted the final report and set into stage numerous positive changes associated with fuel reduction work around the Tahoe Basin.
  • Secured grants in excess of 1 million dollars for fuel reduction work here in the Incline Village/Crystal Bay area.
  • Final purchase and arrival of two new type III fire engines.
  • Designed, purchased, and placed into service 4 new crew carriers.
  • Adopted ICC codes, with several hours spent on Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshal for the adoption of these codes.
  • Currently completing WUI ordinances with Tahoe Douglas Fire District and Washoe County.
  • Completed Cooperative agreements with City of Reno/TMFPD, Sierra Fire District, NDF, USFS, OES, and North Tahoe Fire Protection District.
  • Placed a third hand crew in operation, for a total of 60 crew members, with agreements between North Tahoe Fire Protection District and our Fire District.
  • Promoted several employees to positions of Battalion Chief, Captains, Engineers.
  • Third Creek Fuels Reduction project.
  • Conducted the ‘Every 15 Minutes Program’ with Incline High School.


  • Awarded Assistance to Firefighter's Grant (AFG) EMW-2008-FO-06140 in the amount of $241,575.00 for SCBA's.


  • The Fire District went with Drager for the purchase of 45 new SCBA's under the AFG grant.

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